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Circle Leader

Queen Kimmie is on a mission to help as many women as possible find and free the brilliance of their voice.  We all have a story and I am here to share mine and help you find or unlock yours.  WomanSpeak provides exactly what women have been missing to take our place as the sovereign leader in our own lives, thus impacting the world. With confidence, brilliance and inner beauty ignited every woman can grow and blossom. We are all diamonds and together we can light up the world.

WomanSpeak’s innovative ideas and practices help women develop and grow on their own terms.  Self-love and expression is one the most courageous acts of growth that can push us beyond self-limiting beliefs.  Kimmie wants to shout from the mountains tops “SPEAK UP.”




Second and Fourth Tuesday of the Month at 7pm

Unleashing the brilliance of women's voices is the key to positive change in our world.

Join the Movement

WomanSpeak’s unique curriculum is designed to support women in becoming clear, confident and influential in their speaking. It’s effective, transformative and fun. WomanSpeak’s practices have been featured and taught at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, Women@Microsoft, TEDxWomen, and more. Circles are happening all across the United States and in 7 countries, and we are growing quickly.



This is not your typical public speaking training program.

Most public speaking training programs foster a more masculine model of leadership and professionalism training. While effective for some women, far too many feel they don’t fit the mold or have to become more like men or suppress parts of themselves in order to be taken seriously and be effective as leaders.

It’s time for a public speaking training that supports women in harnessing the power and wisdom of their bodies, and in being fully who they are, as they stand up to speak, lead and change our world.


Our unique practices help women to re-wire their nervous systems so that speaking up becomes an experience of safety, power, joy and freedom.


WomanSpeak Circles are led with true celebration and support.


The women celebrate and support each other in speaking up and exercising leadership & power in their careers.


WomanSpeak addresses the unique fears and doubts women have about sharing their voices.


Women feel safe to fully be themselves, to be seen and heard, and to share their ideas.


Women and their voices blossom in this kind of environment and culture.


We include curriculum that supports women in clarifying and owning the value of their ideas.

We teach women how to prepare and deliver talks, presentations and communications that move, impact and influence their listeners.

Public talks on stages

Presentations at work

One-on-One conversations (business and personal)

Group/team meetings

Fundraising conversations and more...

We deal with the unique challenges that come up for women around sharing their voices in front of men.

We provide a very supportive and celebratory environment.



The best part about WomanSpeak is that when a woman invests in her voice by becoming a WomanSpeak member, she also invests in the voice of a girl.

A portion of the Initiation Fee to join WomanSpeak funds GirlSpeak, our founder's signature program supporting teenage girls around the world in public speaking training and leadership development.


In order to join a WomanSpeak Circle, you pay a one-time initiation fee and register for your monthly membership. The initiation fee is a one-time fee that covers your set up costs, your WomanSpeak Curriculum Manual, and your contribution to fund a girl (or girls) to attend GirlSpeak.











Second and Fourth Tuesday of the Month at 7pm


Because I’m pioneering a new concept in a very set industry, it can be frustrating trying to explain my philosophy and methods to those whose minds are set. In WomanSpeak there is a grace where I feel comfortable expanding and playing with different ideas and words. Speaking out loud to others enables me to fine tune not only presentations but my day to day talk track. These circles are great for getting me in my body and connected to my message. That’s good! Because that’s where my truth is and the story begins. I have found when I stand before my circle members feeling free to speak and flow it anchors to my memory and ready for recall. It’s a whole-person experience. And it’s upping my game and giving me the confidence to be more brave and bold. In the WomanSpeak Circle, I have discovered not only am I a new segment in an old standard, but I am starting a much bigger movement.

Teresa Rodden

WomanSpeak Circle Member - Danville, California

Joining Women's Speak is the best decision I have made for my business. Since I have joined, I have accepted speaking engagements at the Lincoln Memorial, started doing webinars, and turned around my 10% conversion rate for workshops to 100% in five months. Although, I had been live streaming for almost a year when I joined, I wanted to propel my speaking to the next level and knew that I needed training. At the meetings, I have learned to use my nerves as a life force in my speaking, to connect with my audience and to engage them from an abundant heart. Whether you are a female entrepreneur or just looking to increase your confidence, Women's Speak is an integral part of evolving as a woman.

Cordelia Gaffar

WomanSpeak Circle Member - Falls Church, Virginia

I’ve always struggled with opening up in a group. Being vulnerable and the center of attention is a big issue with me. Being in around the kind lovely ladies in WomanSpeak San Diego has allowed me to have my voice back. I have opened up more and it feels really good. I’ve realized that I do have something to say and most importantly, people want to hear me. Angela our leader, is so positive and gently nudges us on, which is something I need. My biggest accomplishment so far is feeling more confident and vocal not just at WomanSpeak but at other groups and everyday life. It’s so liberating. Thank you Angela and WomanSpeak.

Denise Briggs

WomanSpeak Circle Member - San Diego, California

I joined WomanSpeak because I wanted to enhance my ability to impactfully share my message with others and to have the confidence and motivation to seek out opportunities to do so. Through WomanSpeak I am quickly gaining confidence, tools, amazing friendships, and actively lining up speaking opportunities. WomanSpeak is a powerful program designed to bring forth the voices that will change our world for the better... and oh boy, do we need that!

April Gallagher

WomanSpeak Circle Member - Livermore, California

I have been an educator, trainer and speaker for many years, involved in so many platforms to better my technique, be more magnetic, speak to inspire, get the right formula, etc, etc. And frankly, it has been great but exhausting. It wasn’t until I came to Woman Speak that I felt for the first time in my life that I could sit with all those valuable tools, give myself permission to keep only what works for me, let go of what doesn’t and stay so true to myself. Authentic and even vulnerable when it comes up. What a relief!! I feel seen for my brilliance, not for the script that I have perfectly crafted. Im still working on it, but I do feel the incredible shift on stage, with my clients even in my conversations with my teenage daughter. I am amazed at how the meetings flow from one incredible story to another, bringing so much growth in so many levels, plus the beauty of the sisterhood that connects us all, during the meeting as well as outside of them. I am forever grateful to be a part of WomanSpeak, looking forward to more!

Claudia Castillo Holley

WomanSpeak Circle Member - Livermore, California

WomanSpeak allowed me the space and support to own my wisdom, trust my voice, and embrace my essence. I gained the clarity and confidence I needed to share my unique message in whatever venue Life offers, from the dinner party to the storytelling stage. An incredibly divine experience!

Nicki Peasley

WomanSpeak Circle Member - Midlothian, Virginia

As a manager in the high tech industry in Silicon Valley, I often find myself working amongst men in technology who treat less technical roles with lack of respect (a challenge for the only 19% of women who are in technology compared to the 81% of men), and therefore find myself holding my voice back. I enrolled in KC Baker's courses because I know my value and uniqueness in what I bring to the industry, but struggled with my communication in sharing my voice. While in this workshop, KC exposed us to very highly successful entrepreneurial men (with strong opinions who still respected women's voices) at the table. It was so enlightening to hear their perspective and get refinements from both the men and women in the group. Coming back to the work this week has been effortless for me to share my ideas and voice, and I am surprised by how quickly I was able to implement KC's teachings! Thank you KC, I am eternally grateful.

Sophia Eng

I joined WomanSpeak Circles because I knew that my utter terror of public speaking (and that's not an exaggeration) would hold me back in the future, and had caused me significant anxiety in the past. I had absolutely no idea that the Circle would help me in so many other ways. In just three meetings, I am amazed at the change in myself, that I also see reflected in our other members. I am in awe of the wisdom of these women; both Chantal and my fellow Circle members. I have learned so much about the way women can work together, support each other and heal each other. I have laughed, cried and been utterly moved by the stories and wisdom that is shared each Circle. Although I am still very nervous, I am so excited when I get to attend a Circle, and I am so looking forward to learning more and more. I am stunned by how far I have come in such a short time and therefore can now look forward at the next topics that we are working on. I absolutely love our Circle and I am so grateful for the support and encouragement I receive every meeting, and get to give in return. Can't recommend it highly enough.

Sian Marta

WomanSpeak Circle Member - Queensland, Australia





Circle Leader

Kimberly Tyson (aka Queen Kimmie) is known for her no-nonsense “tell it like it is” approach in teaching, coaching, advising, or just plain living. She believes if you’re living your life as best you can; you do not have time to worry about how someone else is or is not meeting your expectations, you are busy meeting your own. That is when you are the best tool to strengthen the world. Confidence, brilliance and inner beauty allow every woman to grow and blossom in such a way, and WomenSpeak has captured it only to share it. She is on a mission to help as many women as possible find and free the brilliance of their voice. We all have a story and she is here to share hers and help you find or unlock yours. WomanSpeak provides exactly what women have been missing to take our place as the sovereign leader in our own lives, thus impacting the world. We are all diamonds and together we can light up the world.

Kimmie is too many things to name and such a freespirit would never want to be restricted to a label. She uses WomanSpeak’s innovative ideas and practices to help women develop and grow on their own terms.  Self-love and expression is one the most courageous acts of growth that can push us beyond self-limiting beliefs. Kimmie wants to shout from the mountains tops “I love me and I am okay with that.” For 15 years, she dedicated her life to empowering others with the tools they need to accomplish their goals and dreams by serving in the United States Army, training and leading Soldiers. Kimmie’s greatest accomplishment in life is her family. She is happily married and they have four beautifully interesting and talented children.




Second and Fourth Tuesday of the Month at 7pm