How to Get Clear On Your Message, Spread It & Become Known for It

(Even if you’re totally confused on what your
message is and no one knows you for it yet)

Free Live Masterclass

with KC Baker

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

2-4pm PT / 5-7pm ET / 7-9am Sydney (Thursday)

What You Will Learn On This FREE Masterclass:


How to take all the ideas, stories and insights inside you and distill them down to a clear, authentic and compelling message


How to get clear on your "diamond insight": the one core idea that is at the heart of your message


How to brand yourself or your business organization with your message


How to share your message in a way that truly connects with the people you are meant to serve and creates a passionate following around your message & your work.


How to go deeper in developing your messaging and thought leadership platform (for those who are ready, no pressure for those that are not).

Come prepared to actually DO the work of clarifying your message with me live on the call!

“Thank you to the amazing KC Baker for helping me write the mental wellness keynote speech and coming up with the title that has brought me here.”

Serena Ryder, Singer/Songwriter and Recipient of Canada’s Juno Award for Best Album of the Year for her album The Art of Falling Apart.

She is also Canada’s spokeswoman, partnering with Sophie Trudeau (Canada’s First Lady), to advocate for new perspectives and approaches to mental wellness.

~ Serena Ryder

Meet KC

It wasn’t until I got completely clear on my message—the MOST important and urgent thing for me to communicate and share with the world—that I was able to take off flying with my work supporting women’s leadership, public speaking & messaging over a decade ago.

I’ve spoken on stages such as the United Nations, Women@Microsoft and TEDxWomen.

I’ve been honored to help thousands of women from all over the world in becoming authentic, powerful public speakers and in delivering career-defining talks. The practices of WomanSpeak are unorthodox, fun, and highly effective, and explored in an environment filled with celebration and supportive community.

Let’s work together on this free masterclass to clarify YOUR message so you can create the change you know you are called to make, and have your work become known & successful.

Working with KC has been one of the highest-impact decisions I’ve ever made for my business. Clarifying the core of my message, then birthing it into the world through a talk and on my site, has had me feeling more confident and aligned than ever before. Feeling this difference within myself has had me step into leadership and make a bigger difference for others. I craved this clarity for years, and found it in just a few weeks.   Since working with her, I have received several high level speaking invitations, exponentially increased my income, and more than quadrupled my following.  KC is brilliance!

—Nisha Moodley,

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Free Masterclass on Wednesday, October 19th
at 2-4pm PT / 5-7pm ET /
7-9am Sydney (Thursday)

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Do you know there is something you want to say – a deep burning message in your heart that wants to come out – yet you can’t quite find the words to make your message land?

So how do you clarify your message?


You can struggle figuring it out for years!


You can follow the steps that I have used with thousands of women over the last decade to clarify their message…

Women that have gone on to become true innovative thinkers and leaders in their industries.

The Truth Is: It Works.

Learning my unique method for getting clear on your message will help you to:

Communicate the thing that is *really* in your heart & soul to share…you’ll get to the core and feel completely relieved you are finally saying the thing you need to say!


Share your wisdom in a way so that it fully lands with the people you are meant to serve.


Build a deep level of trust with your audience, attracting them to your offerings and to going deeper with you.


Exponentially increase your impact by connecting people deeply into your vision.


Become truly KNOWN for your message so that when people think of you, they think of your ideas. And when they think of your ideas, they think of you.

“….truly extraordinary and exceeded my expectations. What a gift I gave myself. KC Baker’s ability to listen to both the said and unsaid allows a speaker’s Truth to be delicately extracted…as if mining for the diamond that lives in all of us. As a result …I’ve landed over 10 speaking opportunities!”

Bernadette Pleasant,

Join me LIVE on Wednesday, October 19th at
2-4pm PT / 5-7pm ET /
7-9am Sydney (Thursday)

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If you can’t make it live, we’ll send you the recording!

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My income has doubled since I launched the message from the voice I developed in KC’s masterclass. At the time I registered,, I was in flux in my business and nothing was feeling ‘right’ with my brand. I loved doing my work, but I knew that I had so much more to offer and staying in that box was constraining me in ways with which I was no longer comfortable. From this work with KC, I was able to find a message that is totally in alignment with me, and one that I completely LOVE. And my clients feel it, too.

~ Jen Blackstock

Spiritual Counselor, Founder of The Unbridled Life,

I am on a tight budget, but this was the best investment I have ever made in myself. KC showed me exactly where and how I had squandered the impact of my “Diamond Insights” when I was reworking my TED talk.

Roz Savage

TED Speaker, First Woman to Row Three Oceans,National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2010,


You’ll also receive reminders & info about the event, and continued communication about WomanSpeak.