The Magic of the

Tiny E-Book

Hi! I’m KC.

Join my upcoming workshop & learn how writing a short little e-book can create a powerful following around your message, build your email list by the thousands, & flood your business with people eager to become your paying clients & customers.

It’s Simple. It’s Easy. It’s Magic!

Thursday, May 4th

3-5 pm PST / 6-8 pm EST / 8am Friday Sydney

Spread Your Message

Learn how to easily turn your story & ideas into a tiny ebook (10-60 pages) that truly helps your audience transform & grow

Experience the joy of seeing your message spread & make a big impact

Learn my simple 5 step process to write your tiny ebook in a day (We'll even create your outline on the workshop - Magic!)

Build Your Following

Learn two simple, proven strategies for promoting your ebook and reaching avid readers of your story & message

Draw thousands of new opt-ins to your email list and followers on social media

Create a highly passionate following around your message & ideas

Make More Money

Learn how & why this tiny, magical ebook excites people to invest in your offers

Learn a simple strategy for enrolling people into an offer after they read your ebook

Marvel in the ease and joy of watching your impact bloom, your following & list grow, and your offers fill with greater ease...Magical!

The Magic of the

Tiny E-Book

Hi, my friend!

I’m KC Baker & I’m the founder of WomanSpeak.

I just have to tell you about this amazing thing I did to spread my message & increase sales.

Writing a tiny e-book grew my email list by thousands in less than 2.5 years…

A lot of those people became passionate followers of my work. Over 75% of my sales in the last 2.5 years, which have been in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, came from people who got my tiny, magical e-book!

It’s been one of the absolute best strategies I’ve used in the last 13 years of running my business and spreading my message to increase my following and sales.

I want to share this simple and powerful technique with YOU so you can experience the same for your important work and message.

Imagine what writing your own tiny ebook can do for you… 

Thousands of new subscribers to your email list.

People who are inspired by your story and helped by your ideas.

Eager readers who are ready to become your paying clients & students.

Join My Upcoming Workshop

Thursday, May 4th

3-5 pm PST / 6-8 pm EST / 8am Friday Sydney


Here Is What You Will Learn & Experience:

How writing a short ebook (less than 100 pages, even only 10!) can be deeply valuable for your readers & build your following and list

The 5 surprisingly simple steps to writing your own magical tiny ebook (you can get your first draft easily done in a day using the method I will show you!)

Receive a workbook when you register that will guide you through the steps to writing your tiny ebook

Write your outline for your tiny e-book on the call with me

2 tried & true, simple & elegant strategies for using your tiny ebook to build your following & list

2 case studies of exactly how this has been done successfully

How to seamlessly enroll readers of your tiny e-book into a paid offer