Get Clear On Your Message,
Find The
Freedom To Share It,
& Become
Known For Your Ideas

Come learn WomanSpeak’s renowned practices with founder KC Baker in an intimate class environment that meets
virtually twice per month.

KC Baker

“I can now speak publicly about controversial topics without anxiety. Before KC, not only did I have the classic fear and anxiety about public speaking, but I also struggled with speaking publicly about my very controversial topics that revolve around my business. KC’s calm, focused and supportive way along with her experience, techniques, and incredible skills equals magic.”

Janine Francolini

Founder & Board Chair,

Is the WomanSpeak Society for You?

Do you have a desire to share your voice and make an impact with your story and ideas?

Do you experience fear, nervousness, resistance or awkwardness around public speaking?

Have you had negative or painful experiences of feeling your authentic voice “shut down” at any point in your life, and you want to reclaim your true voice?

Do you hold your voice back in group meetings or social experiences, or feel any kind of social anxiety about being yourself in groups?

Do you have a message or story inside you that is aching to be told?

Are you confused or overwhelmed about how to get completely clear on your message and say it in a way that truly opens, moves and inspires people?

Do you know that you MUST share your voice and the wisdom & story within you? Is it one of the most – if not THE most – important callings of your life…and holding back on this calling creates enormous suffering inside you?

If any of these resonate as a YES – then the WomanSpeak Society is for YOU.

“Since I’ve started the program, I’ve settled in to my voice and really embodied my message the way I didn’t think I could. I feel so much is possible for me now that I have clarity. Clarity in message, clarity in voice; I just feel like the world is my oyster. In the end, my truth emerged and doors opened to realize my dream of public speaking. I’ve landed over 14 speaking engagements.”

Cordelia Gaffar

Founder - Body Soul Shift,

The focus of these intimate training experiences with KC are two-fold:

Learn WomanSpeak’s unorthodox yet highly effective practices for liberating your voice and speaking publicly on live & virtual stages

Transform any fear of public speaking into ease, authentic confidence and – gasp! – even joy & pleasure

Learn how to completely rewire your nervous system for internal safety and freedom when it comes to speaking up, sharing your voice, and being seen

Learn feminine energy cultivation practices for being deeply present, embodied, internally safe, radiant and charismatic when you speak

Become undefended, open, heart centered & passionate in your speaking – so that people truly feel your essence and are opened by the power of your presence

Become masterful at creating experiences of deep connection and engagement with audiences small and large

“Holy Flippin’ Firecrackers! Literally, after working with KC, I was surprised to find a long line of ideal new clients & an invitation to speak for TEDx Women. And I’m prepared for it, because KC brings a background of rigorous coaching, ridiculous personal training, & so much commitment to her vision of women as iconic leaders.”

Maya Corinne

TEDx Speaker, Founder of MoonStorm Sessions

Get clear on your message. Learn how to share it in a way that captivates, inspires & gets you known.

Learn KC Baker’s method for getting to the heart of the heart of what you TRULY need to say and what your message actually is

Turn confusion about your message into complete and total clarity

Learn how to share your message in a way that creates profound trust, connection, and engagement with your audience

Discover and practice how to share your message in a way that truly has you and your work become branded with it: so that when people think of you, they think of YOUR MESSAGE, and when they think of your message, they think of YOU

Clarify what the situation is that your message – and your business – addresses

Clarify your core ideas and your diamond insight – the idea that your business is centered around and can become known for

Get prepared and ready to share your ideas and stories on social media, interviews and talks

Take the breaks off of your voice, and share your message generously and consistently …the key to building a following around your work

“I have to say that I wouldn’t nail Fox News Channel hits each week without KC.”

Kym McNicholas

Emmy Award-Winning journalist and entrepreneur with nearly 20 years of experience on national television.

What Happens on WomanSpeak
Society Calls?

The WomanSpeak Society meets twice per month and calls are alternately led by WomanSpeak founder KC Baker.

WomanSpeak Society calls are filled with radical celebration, emotional & psychological safety and deep community support.

That safe place you’ve always dreamed of where you can fully be yourself, speak from your heart & be seen and heard for who you truly are…this is the place.

WomanSpeak Society calls are educational, highly experiential (yes you will be up, moving and speaking), and will also include hot seats with Society members.

Witnessing KC work with women on their messages will spark creativity and clarity on your own message, and yes you can raise your hand to be in the hot seat!



This is a 3-month program.

WS Society Call Schedule

Energy Practices (for rewiring for safety in speaking and being seen) classes are on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, at 1:30pm PT, for 60 minutes.

Messaging and Speaking classes are on the 4th Wednesday of each month, at 1:30pm PT, for 120 minutes.

Got Questions?

Don’t let confusion, fear or holding back keep you from speaking up and making the impact you know you are called to make.

Join the WomanSpeak Society and let’s set your voice & message free!

“As a result of the course, I am now selling higher end 3 month group programmes of $5000 per person – due to the credibility I have gained through speaking.”

Jennie Harland-Khan

Coach & Author of I’m Back: How to get your passion, purpose & identity back when your kids go to school

“I blush to report that the organizer said it was his favorite Ignite talk ever, and they are considering me to speak for TEDxCardiff, my dream! People said I had the room in the palm of my hand. Everyone was riveted, and I thought YES… KC taught us to own the stage.”

Grace Quantock

Speaker & Author of Sick Chick to Trail BlazerAwards include Future Young Leader of Wales Award, Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2015. Also featured in The Times and Huffington Post.

“I have become crystal clear about what my message is and the message that I would like to deliver to the world. The sky is the limit now that I have gone through this whole process. It’s been the beginning of an amazing journey and now I can actually start making huge waves in the world.”

Aundrea Veney Curvey

“I got cold called and booked for a keynote in Michigan. Those skills pay off!”

Elissa Ashwood

Speaker & Founder of 33 Dresses and Truly Accomplished



This is a 3-month program.

WS Society Call Schedule

Energy Practices (for rewiring for safety in speaking and being seen) classes are on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, at 1:30pm PT, for 60 minutes.

Messaging and Speaking classes are on the 4th Wednesday of each month, at 1:30pm PT, for 120 minutes.

Got Questions?