There’s someone special I have to share with you today.  Someone who actually said, “cancer SAVED my life.”

See it’s not everyday that a story comes along that can touch the hearts and minds of so many people… but Rebecca Cockrill’s is definitely one.

Rebecca takes a story that is deeply personal — inviting you to sit with her on the cold, hard chair of the radiologist’s office following her breast cancer diagnosis, to something deeply universal — the journey this diagnosis led her on to digging deep into her relationship to her health, family, and old childhood wounds.

This journey turned Rebecca inside out into the person she is just two years later, radiating on the WomanSpeak stage…

This speech is not only a testament to Rebecca’s strength. She also leads you to look deep into your own life to ask yourself things like:

  • Are you truly caring for your body?
  • Are you happy?
  • Have you healed old wounds?

If these questions touch something in you, Rebecca’s talk will help you feel and believe in the power of changing from within.

Afterwards, let us know in the comments —- What did Rebecca’s questions bring up for you?

Ps. If you want to know what Rebecca is doing post-recovery you can find her here: