The Women’s Thought Leadership Society: Get clear on what you stand for. Find the freedom to share it. Be known for your ideas.

This is a 6-week intensive, virtual course for women who are ready to turn the volume up on the ideas that they are a stand for and want to see proliferated in the world. It is a course for women who want to be completely confident in sharing their wisdom with the world, and feel totally satisfied in their souls that they are giving fully in the ways they feel called to contribute to the world. CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE DETAILS.


In this virtual 8-week speech writing training course, you’ll write the talk you were born to give, the one the world has been waiting for. 

This course has become legendary in its own time. Women go on to land speaking engagements for TEDx, Bioneers, major national conferences and local speaking events. Their businesses and missions soar. These are thought leadership based talks…talks centered around the ideas & wisdom each woman feels called to share. They learn how to craft it in a clear and compelling way, and how to deliver it with authenticity, power and charisma. This program is freeing beyond belief, and is a total game changer. CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE DETAILS.

Are you ready to have your message FLY?

In this video training series, you’ll receive my unorthodox and effective guidance on how to:

  • get totally clear on what you stand for
  • set yourself free from self-doubt and fear
  • be known for your ideas and expand your community