Fractional Director of Operations

Seeking An Exceptional Director of Operations for WomanSpeak.


WomanSpeak supports women in getting clear on their messages, finding the freedom to share them and becoming known for their ideas. We help women to unleash their voices. We recognize that women’s bodies are deeply wise and the depth of our intelligence and wisdom stems from our connection to our bodies. Our teachings are unorthodox, in that we support women in deepening into that connection with their bodies… of speaking and leading from that place of grounded wisdom. We help women to find their internal safety – to be in their bodies and speak their truth from an undefended, authentic real place. We help women to clarify their messages and to then spread them and make the impact our clients know they were born to make.

We have WomanSpeak Circles led by our trained Circle Leaders around the US, Canada, Australia and parts of Europe, and we also offer online programs and trainings. 

KC is looking for a Director of Operations who is committed to going on the journey with us to take the company to 7-figures in the next year… someone who will enjoy growth as an individual and as a team…who will be excited to make an impact and help us make our vision of licensing 500 leaders by the end of 2021 a reality!

To reach our company goals, the DOO should have experience in business performance leadership,  KPI’s and metrics, financial acumen, team performance management, strategic guidance and project management. The goal of this role is to help our team move powerfully forward, all parts elegantly and efficiently orchestrated so we can transform into an organization that is 7 figures and operate at a higher, more effective level.   This is a strategic, leadership, and management level role, therefore, the candidate must be connected to the heart-centered mission of our company.


  • Are honest and truthful.
  • Have a strong devotion to follow through.
  • Are motivated by the growth of a company.
  • Are a true leader.
  • Have corporate experience or have helped scale a company to 7 figures.
  • Are heart-centered and deeply care about making an impact.
  • Own responsibility when something didn’t go as planned.
  • Have the ability to repair conflict, learn from mistakes and avoid future disruption.
  • Are committed to living to your greatest potential.
  • Are committed to the organization growing at a high level.
  • Are conscious and are able to figure out how to get the support the team needs when someone is feeling overstretched, including yourself. 
  • Are in tune with your own work limitations and are communicative when you are feeling overstretched. 
  • Understand that everything is “figureoutable”.
  • Value inner work.
  • Are committed to integrity and greatness.
  • Have a sacred relationship to your word and would always honor your commitments.


Project Management

  • Refine day-to-day operations with a high level of efficiency,  and scale and grow the mission of WomanSpeak while managing the budget.
  • Create detailed project plans and manage day-to-day projects and launches.
  • Daily task management.
  • Track status’ and provide succinct updates to the CEO.
  • Create and document systems and processes for internal activities.
  • Collect, review, and analyze reports, stats, and general data.
  • Ensure that all operational processes are properly documented, and that key information is organized, accessible and secure.


Team Management

  • Create performance metrics for each role on the team to bring clarity on expectations.
  • Manage team performance and metrics to ensure each team member is hitting KPI targets. You are the liaison between KC and the other team members. 
  • Lead weekly progress meetings, planning meetings, and performance reviews. 
  • Ensure the team is healthy, functional, communicative, and cohesive.


Strategic Guidance + Leadership

  • Provide strategic value and input that maximizes and builds new revenue streams. 
  • Create and track KPI’s and measure them against team performance. 
  • Review financials monthly and give direction to the company to ensure healthy revenue growth. 
  • Strategic planning on a quarterly basis.
  • Management of departmental objectives.


    KC Baker is devoted to unleashing the brilliance of women’s voices worldwide and in a short period of time has received international acclaim and recognition for her unique body of work.  She has spoken and taught at The United Nations, Women@Microsoft, and TEDxWomen, among others. She was an Advisor on Authentic Communication for Secretary Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign.

    Previously an investment banking analyst and assistant for two US Senators, KC Baker is an international women’s thought leadership & public speaking trainer, speechwriter, and two-time TEDx speaker, and is renowned for her unorthodox and highly effective methodologies.  Featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Daily Love, and Women 2.0, KC has been hailed as “One of the Top Planetary Changemakers” by Origin Magazine.

    KC has supported thousands of women around the world in finding the freedom, confidence and clarity to speak up and create change.  Her clients are women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, authors, founders of foundations, Olympians, TED/TEDx speakers, politicians and non-profit social change-makers.

    She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, has produced her own children’s music album, and is a lover of dance, singing and nature. She lives in Sedona, Arizona with her family.


    If you’ve read the Fractional Director of Operations description and your heart is screaming YES:

    1. APPLICATIONClick here to apply. Be sure to be thorough and thoughtful in your application responses. We will read these in detail. 

    3. DEADLINE: Applications will be accepted through EOD Saturday, September 1st 2020.