You want to become known for your message. You want that when people think of that core thing you stand for, whether it’s taking a stand against domestic violence, or uplifting women’s voices, or cleaning up our oceans, they think of you.

Today I’m going to share ways to become known for your message that involve a lot more ease and grace than traditional strategies that involve cranking out emails (though those matter too!).

See, when you become known for your message you become attractive, you draw people to you who care deeply about what you have to say, and you don’t have to do all the push.

In this talk I tell the story of how I started my business— and it wasn’t with a four point plan. My business started to spread when I spoke out clearly for what I stood for.

It’s a juicy story, involving a posh party and a serendipitous meeting.

The essence of what I offer in this episode is this: when you take a stand for your ideas and begin to regard the world as your stage no matter where you are, then your message takes on a life of its own.

After watching Part 1 of “How to Become Known Known For Your Message”, I hope you’ll be free of some of the doubt you might have around standing up and speaking here, now, wherever you are, for your vision— the world needs your voice and your message now.

I guarantee when you fully understand the way to present your message I’m teaching you today, any outreach strategy you apply for getting known for your ideas, will have exponential impact.

That’s because when you apply today’s teachings, your message will truly speak to the hearts and minds of the people you share it with.

I’ll also be sharing my best strategies for becoming known for your message including:

  • How to leverage your network
  • How to write an effective outreach email
  • How to decide which organizations to reach out to for speaking engagements

Yet impact of each of these strategies depends on you presenting your message in a way so that it matters to your audience.

In Part 2 of this episode, you’ll learn the one thing you need to lead with when sharing your message so that it has the maximum impact, and the most important ways to conduct outreach to ensure your message gets out there.

We need your message to spread far and wide. I can’t wait to see you take these important steps to getting your voice out there.