Today on the WomanSpeak Weekly Show, I’ve got a special two part episode for you about clarifying your message. I’m going to take you through my teachings on how to get totally clear on what is the core idea that your work, business, foundation, or mission is centered around.

It wasn’t until I got completely clear on my message—what was the MOST important and urgent thing for me to communicate and share with the world—that I was able to take off flying with my work a decade ago and now have it reach thousands of women around the world. Not only has my income dramatically shifted as a result, but the satisfaction inside of myself that I’m giving in the ways I most long is impossible to describe.

I want you to have total clarity on your message.

Because when you get absolute clarity in what your message is and how to say it in a way that captivates and inspires others to action, everything changes:

  • You can serve the world deeply with your voice and wisdom.
  • Your business, movement or foundation can truly build following.
  • You build trust with people, and this translates into easier sales and fundraising.
  • Your impact and influence in your community grows.
  • You become known for your ideas, which leads to more opportunities and income.

So how do you clarify your message? Well…

  1. You can struggle figuring it out for years!
  2. You can follow the steps I’ve used with thousands of women to clarify their messages. And these women have gone on to become true innovative thinkers and leaders in their industries. IT WORKS.

In Part 1 of this episode, we talk about WHY it’s so important to clarify your message and WHAT it makes possible for your work in the world when you have that clarity. This is important to understand when beginning to clarify your message.

You know there is something you want to say — a deep burning message in your heart that wants to come out. Yet you can’t quite find the words to make your message land.

Well, that’s what we’re going to tackle next, in Part 2 of today’s episode. In Part 1 (watch above if you haven’t already!), we talked about how when you get crystal clear on the core idea you stand for, the increase in impact, visibility and satisfaction that follows can be HUGE.

Now I’m going to dive into HOW to find that crystal clarity around your message. Together we’re going to identify the nuggets of wisdom that form the foundation of your thought leadership platform.

Getting clear on this aspect of your message will help you to:

  • share your wisdom in a way so that it fully lands with the people you are meant to serve;
  • build a deep level of trust with your audience, attracting them to your offerings; and
  • exponentially increase your impact by connecting people deeply into your vision.

Check out part two of the series below:

When I work with clients on their talks, we start with the practice I offer in these videos — developing your message in this way is the foundation for becoming a thought leader in your field.

So go ahead, grab a journal and a pen and let’s get started! After you’ve done the exercise, let me know in the comments:

What is one shift in perspective you’d like to offer the people you are meant to serve?

I can’t wait to celebrate your wisdom and cheer you on!