How to Stop Holding Back
and Speak Up:

The WomanSpeak Heroine's Journey

Tuesday, July 20, 2021


How to Stop Holding Back and Speak Up:
The WomanSpeak Heroine’s Journey

3 pm PST, 6 pm EST, 8 am Sydney time (July 21st)

On this very special WorldWide WomanSpeak Circle, we will be exploring the rite of passage we all go through on our quests to birth and share our messages & voices.

Joining our event to learn the ins and outs of this very profound heroine’s journey will support you in:

  • Not feeling alone on the path
  • Feeling empowered to see your quest to birth your message and voice through to completion
  • Prepared to step into the next version of you as a freely expressed woman of wisdom in the world

How to get out of the cycle of suffering that keeps you staying stuck, hiding, and playing small

How to clarify and make a strong commitment to your voice and your message emerging

How to deeply trust yourself and emerge with a message that is fully true, fully you, connected, and brilliant

What the journey is for women in birthing their messages: the joy, the confusion, the doubt, the fear, and the breakthrough (Learn this so you don’t feel alone and know how to navigate these moments with grace)

How to navigate the inevitable self-doubt and times of confusion and darkness that emerge as you walk the path of this commitment to sharing your voice