Happy New Year! I hope it’s off to a beautiful start for you so far!

One of the things we did here at WomanSpeak at the end of 2021 is take a really deep look at the past yearthe growth, the wins, where we’ve been and where we’re going. 

And specifically, how to support YOU to be fully who you are, as you stand up to speak, lead and change our world.

After many years of teaching this work, we have compiled quite an archive of videos teaching WomanSpeak’s uniquely effective practices and skills!

And we have SO MANY fabulous and impactful talks by our community members that you can learn from and be inspired by! 

So, I’m going to be combing through the archives and sending you little love notes in the form of emails,

with videos and actionable content you can use to help you share your voice with the world!

Some will teach a concept or practice, and others will feature talks from our amazing community demonstrating the power of feminine leadership and speaking from the heart.

This week, I’m sharing a video from waaaaaaay back in 2018!  Seems so long ago! Yet this is still SO relevant today, or, maybe even more so. Because it’s still the case that FAR TOO MANY leadership and public speaking training systems only promote a way of leading and speaking that is masculine in nature…

In this video, I talk about a fuller, more comprehensive vision of leadership—one where we lead and speak from our true nature, from our bodies—without feeling like we have to cut off from our emotions and our feeling selves.

I share a vision of what is possible in a world where we understand and value the brilliance of the female brain and understand how to use its full intelligence and magic in their speaking and leadership.

WomanSpeak is changing the paradigm with our unique body of practices that understand the true brilliance of women’s voices…

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