Discover the Power of the WomanSpeak Circle Leader & Coach Certification Program

Learn how to develop a high-end private coaching business supporting women’s voices.

You are invited to a cutting edge, in-depth coaching certification program for working with women one-on-one in developing their leadership, messaging, public speaking, and keynote talks.

In this Masterclass, you will learn how to develop a lucrative private coaching business supporting women:

in public speaking

deep transformational work to free their voices

message development

thought leadership branding

and in writing unforgettable, paradigm-shifting keynote talks, speeches & presentations

Graduates of the WomanSpeak Coach Certification program emerge highly trained & masterful at supporting women’s voices, messaging and leadership in powerful one-on-one coaching intensives and programs, online and in person.

We will teach you everything you need to know in this Masterclass about the WomanSpeak Coach Certification Program so that you can decide if this opportunity is right for you.

You can totally do this. Women NEED you to do this!

NOW is the time to change the world with the power of women’s voices.

The demand has never been higher – and is only growing – for unique and effective private coaching that supports women in speaking up, clarifying their messaging, & becoming known for ideas.

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WomanSpeak Founder

Our founder, KC Baker, has shared and taught her work at The United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, was an advisor on Authentic Communication for Secretary Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign, has written keynotes for platinum album rockstars, Olympians, TED & TEDx speakers, CEOs and best selling authors, and has supported thousands of women around the world in finding the freedom, confidence, and clarity to speak up and create change.

The WomanSpeak Community & Team is deeply supportive and will support you every step of the way in building your own WomanSpeak Coach business. We are in this together!

YES…you can build a highly lucrative business working one-on-one with women to free their voices, become dynamic speakers, write standing-ovation inducing talks, & become known for their messages!

“This year, the income I have been generating from my WomanSpeak programs surpassed the six figure mark. I love the transformation and value this work provides! To witness one of my women clients go from shaking, reading her words, and making no eye contact with her audience in the beginning of our work – to rocking the stage as a keynote speaker at a leadership conference in front of a thousand others (with a standing ovation on top of their seats!), with another beautiful soul going onto rock a TEDx speech, and many others going onto start and lead their businesses to new heights of success. has been a lifetime highlight for me”

Chantal Roelofs

WomanSpeak Circle Leader & WomanSpeak Coach, Australia

“How do I even begin to describe the extraordinary gift of witnessing the birth of a woman’s voice. As a WomanSpeak Coach, my favorite thing about leading this work is the way each woman gets to uniquely bring all of who she is to the microphone.

As a result of leading this work, I witness growth before my eyes. Not only in my clients, but also in myself. I too have spoken up more and opened to being more visible. The WomanSpeak tools have greatly helped me in clarifying my own message and trusting the wisdom of my body.”

Bernadette Pleasant

WomanSpeak Circle Leader & WomanSpeak Coach, New York

“My experience as a WomanSpeak Coach has been one of the most rewarding and inspiring of my career. As a WomanSpeak Coach I have the great opportunity to hear the stories of women who I admire, who inspire me, who are making a difference in the world. This work has helped me grow my skills as a coach and I’ve deepened into my gifts and healing abilities.

As a recently divorced single mother the income I make as a WomanSpeak Coach has been crucial on my journey to financial independence.”

Yvette Givvin

WomanSpeak Circle Leader & WomanSpeak Coach, California

Wednesday, February 16th

2:00 PM PST
5:00 PM EST


(Australia) Thursday, February 17th

9:00 AM