Support our future women thought leaders.

Hi! I’m KC Baker.

A few months ago, I announced a vision and plan for supporting women and girls everywhere in feeling the freedom and confidence to stand up, speak their truth, and share their ideas.

We have been working diligently the last few months in formulating how this will all roll out, and I’m delighted to share that WomanSpeak and GirlSpeak are well under way.


WomanSpeak Circles are designed to have women all over the planet gather regularly in groups to practice the art of public speaking. Imagine a Transformational Toastmasters for women… but fun, supportive and grounded in supporting women in being fully authentic and rooted in their power and truth.

You don’t have to be a public speaking teacher to lead a WomanSpeak Circle.

The main requirement is that you create an environment that uses the philosophy and practices that I (KC Baker) and our class communities have used for years now to create safe and fun spaces where women’s voices naturally blossom.

The key ingredient to this culture is the practice of Fertile Listening.

Fertile Listening is listening for a woman in such a way that she cannot help but blossom in your presence.

Most of the educational and corporate cultures in our society teach growth through focusing on what is wrong and what needs to be fixed. This includes practices of critique, criticism and “feedback”. When these are given under the eye of looking at what is wrong or not enough, it misses seeing the inherent wholeness and perfection of someone’s spirit and soul.

And when we don’t see or recognize the wholeness that always exists in someone, it creates environments where people feel unsafe and unseen. This promotes a level of inauthenticity and performance in people’s communication and way of being.

And that is the exact opposite of what WomanSpeak is about.

In WomanSpeak, we recognize the inherent wholeness, perfection and diamond of brilliance that is always here living at the centre of every woman.

Our job as WomanSpeak Circle Leaders is to create an environment where that light of brilliance is recognized, celebrated and drawn out. In that kind of environment, a woman cannot help but blossom. And it makes the community and the classes safe and so much fun!

Yes, we will work on improving and enhancing speaking and delivery techniques. But that is secondary to supporting women in feeling free to fully be themselves and to speak honestly, authentically and directly from the heart.

The best part is that a portion of a woman’s tuition
goes to fund young girls in going through an equivalent training – GirlSpeak.

So – when a woman invests in her own voice, she is supporting the voice of a young girl. (I feel chills and tears and inner cheers just writing that.)


We are rolling out our first training for WomanSpeak Circle Leaders.

Any woman, anywhere can start a WomanSpeak Circle and receive training on how to lead and run it in a way that fosters safety, fun and the blooming of women’s voices in her circle. The circles are designed to be run twice per month – from a living room, a community center, office or school…anywhere.

You do NOT need to be a trained public speaking teacher. We provide all of the content & curriculum, training videos, and structure for each WomanSpeak Circle gathering. You simply need to have the desire to support women in feeling greater freedom and finesse in sharing their ideas authentically and effectively in the presence of others.

And yes – you get PAID to do this.

You receive a hefty commission on the monthly membership of each woman in your circle. That means some nice, monthly recurring revenue for you. Awesome.

To learn even more about WomanSpeak Circles including details on curriculum, training, pricing, marketing and more please download the WomanSpeak Circles Welcome packet.

If you have any questions about leading a WomanSpeak Circle, please see our frequently asked questions or email our Director of Business Solutions and Client Care at

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Support women in bringing out their voices

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