This is a talk that runs deep, deep with my own heart. Prasanna Diana Manuela gave this speech to a standing ovation at the WomanSpeak International Festival last year.  And wow!

It is so common these days to meet women who are overwhelmed and depleted, trying to do so much, without receiving in return.  Prasanna Diana Manuela reminds us of the antidote— it is through grounding down, remembering how to source energy from the earth herself, and working in tune with life’s rhythms that we can truly learn to serve in a way that sustains.

Join me in this spectacular talk as Prasanna teaches you to connect to the wise woman within

Prasanna is an example of the incredible speakers that share their gifts on stage, live, at the WomanSpeak Festival. If your heart is longing to give more of who you are to the world, the WomanSpeak International Festival is a place to receive safe, loving support around sharing your message and ideas from me, world class trainers, and a whole group of women cheering you on.