You won’t believe the speech I have for you today.

Have you ever found yourself groveling, praying for help from god because you felt like you just couldn’t go one step further in the way you were going? Oh, I have been there. This is a time for grounding into who we are and remembering what is most important to us— it is a chance to reclaim ourselves. My friend, client and deeply powerful woman Kavita Leela Aurora tells the story of how she literally found herself on her knees beginning for help. This is a powerful talk for anyone who needs to remember that those darkest times can deliver us to more of ourselves.

Join me for Kavita’s motivational talk, “When Life Brings You to Your Knees, and Saves You,”

Kavita gave this talk alongside 13 other incredible speakers at the 2018 WomanSpeak International Festival in Sedona. The festival is a chance to get up close and personal with incredible women focused on bringing their voice and heart out into the world. You’ll receive hours of live teaching from me daily. And you’ll get the chance to practice sharing your message to a room full of women rooting for you and cheering you on.

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