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WomanSpeak Society Membership

As a Licensed WomanSpeak Circle Leader, you have membership access to the WomanSpeak Society to expand on clarifying your own ideas and sharing of your voice.

When you enrolled as a Licensed Circle Leader, one of the benefits we shared with you was that you would have membership access to the WorldWide Circle, which we have been hosting as a free virtual experience.

We had a plan in place to transition the WorldWide Circle into a paid for membership program, and you would have access to that.

However, because of our desire to spread the work and mission of WomanSpeak and WomanSpeak Circles as far and wide as possible, this plan didn’t feel aligned. We want to continue to offer the WorldWide WomanSpeak Circle as we have, to our our community for free—once per month. 

AND to support YOU and other women in going deeper into the work around your voice and ideas, we have developed a new membership program called the WomanSpeak Society.

NOTE: This is included in your Licensing Fee and is no additional cost to you!